How These Daily Routines Can Make a Big Difference to Ageing Skin

One of these days, somebody will discover the Fountain of Youth. Until then, you will still be worried about the condition of your skin and trying your best to turn back the clock. If you are always looking for anti-ageing tips, what should you be doing on a daily basis? Watch Those Wrinkles Your main objective should be to try and minimise the number of wrinkles that appear on your skin. Read More 

Essential Nail Supplies for A DIY Manicure

For most people, indulging in a DIY manicure tends to mean they do not have enough time to go to the nail salon, but their nails are in desperate need of attention. As a result, some people will opt just to apply their base coat and favourite nail colour and go on their way. Other individuals may skip the base coat altogether due to time constraints. In reality, these quick manicures could end up damaging your nails in the long run. Read More 

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Daily Moisturising

Many women — and increasingly men — moisturise their skin on a daily basis as an integral part of their grooming routine. Mostly, people use moisturiser to keep their skin hydrated and for its anti-ageing properties, but there's far more to this essential beauty product than the obvious benefits. If you've previously avoided moisturising for one reason or another, or you're not convinced that it will do anything for you, here are some of the lesser-known benefits that might just make you think again. Read More 

Incorporating aromatherapy oils into jewellery and accessories

Aromatherapy has a great range of health benefits and has been associated with beauty products and home wares for a long time. A new trend is to incorporate some aromatherapy into your fashion products so that you can look great and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time. Here are some ideas of ways to wear your aromatherapy products. Scented lockets One great way to wear aromatherapy is in a locket pendant which is filled with scented wax. Read More 

What to Look for in a Beauty School Before Enrolling

The right beauty school can mean learning the skills you need for an exciting career in hair care, skincare, massage, makeup application, and much more. You can also learn the business aspects of owning or managing a salon, so you can eventually go into business for yourself, if that's your wish. Before you enrol in any beauty school, note a few things to look for you so know you choose the right school for your interests. Read More