How These Daily Routines Can Make a Big Difference to Ageing Skin

One of these days, somebody will discover the Fountain of Youth. Until then, you will still be worried about the condition of your skin and trying your best to turn back the clock. If you are always looking for anti-ageing tips, what should you be doing on a daily basis?

Watch Those Wrinkles

Your main objective should be to try and minimise the number of wrinkles that appear on your skin. This is rule number one when it comes to having a more youthful appearance.

Keep Out of the Sun

The first thing that you should do is to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun as much as possible. The powerful solar UV rays will penetrate the skin and lead to a breakdown in the production of collagen. While this is a slow process, it will have been going on since those heady days of your childhood, when sun exposure was the thing to do.

You can keep it in check, however, by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. These always need to have at least a sun protection factor of 30 and be labelled as broad spectrum. Make sure that the product protects you from UVA and UVB and reapply often, especially if you are out in the hot Australian Sun for long periods of time.

Always wear protective clothing, including a wide brimmed hat. Once again, this will help prevent the destruction of collagen. Many people forget, but you must protect the back of your neck too.

Don't Smoke

If you smoke, quit. You don't need to be told that, but it will certainly contribute to premature ageing of the skin and the creation of more wrinkles.


Always use a daily moisturiser. Men (in particular) tend to overlook this and think it is just something 'for women'. When you hydrate, you'll prevent dryness, and the moisturiser will strengthen the outer two layers of the skin.

Use Antiwrinkle Creams

You can get specific creams that will help to replace collagen and these will include vitamin C, glycolic acid and retinoids. You should talk with your skincare specialist to see what products to buy, as they will need to contain those three ingredients at a certain strength level, for best effect.

If you make an effort to follow these guidelines you will certainly help to slow down the ageing process and be much happier with the appearance of your skin. Ask your skincare specialist for other treatment options in your case.