The Lesser-Known Benefits of Daily Moisturising

Many women — and increasingly men — moisturise their skin on a daily basis as an integral part of their grooming routine. Mostly, people use moisturiser to keep their skin hydrated and for its anti-ageing properties, but there's far more to this essential beauty product than the obvious benefits.

If you've previously avoided moisturising for one reason or another, or you're not convinced that it will do anything for you, here are some of the lesser-known benefits that might just make you think again.

It protects you from the sun

Most moisturisers have a sun protection factor (or SPF), which means they'll give your skin extra resistance to the damaging ultraviolet rays in sunlight. While it's not normally as strong as full sun cream, it really pays to give your skin a bit of help in its fight against sun damage. After all, it's the one part of your body most often exposed to the elements.

It balances out your skin

There's a tendency among people with oily skin to avoid moisturiser, fearing it will make them greasy and prone to spots. This isn't actually the case, however. Applying moisturiser daily after washing your face helps it maintain the right balance, making your skin healthy and beautiful.

It can make you glow

Keeping the skin hydrated isn't just good for stopping it drying out and flaking. Regular moisturising makes skin bright, clear and radiant.

It makes shaving easier

This is mainly one for the men when referring to facial moisturiser specifically, but an all-over body moisturiser can, of course, be used on legs.

Regular moisturising keeps the hairs soft and supple, which makes it far easier to get a close, smooth shave. Moisturised skin means a razor glides gently without snagging, cutting or rubbing, and the softened hairs can be cut more effectively.

Moisturiser is also an excellent way to soothe skin after shaving, leaving it cooled and free of irritation.

It can help with acne

It sounds counter-intuitive to some people, but there's logic behind this one. A lot of the time, people who suffer from acne avoid moisturisers completely, believing this will help minimise the oiliness of skin and make spots clear up. However, it doesn't quite work like that.

Without moisturiser, the skin starts to become dry, making the body produce more oil, which bacteria love. Using an oil-free moisturiser gives the skin and alternative way to stay hydrated, so there's less oil and, in time, fewer spots.

If you're not sure what type of moisturiser will be best for your skin, visit a local beauty salon to learn more about skin care products and routines.