What to Look for in a Beauty School Before Enrolling

The right beauty school can mean learning the skills you need for an exciting career in hair care, skincare, massage, makeup application, and much more. You can also learn the business aspects of owning or managing a salon, so you can eventually go into business for yourself, if that's your wish. Before you enrol in any beauty school, note a few things to look for you so know you choose the right school for your interests.

Distance education

Distance education refers to online courses that you can take from anywhere, without having to show up in a classroom. This can include all testing and assignments for certain parts of the courses. You can't take your entire beauty school course online as you'll need to eventually cut real hair or give real massages in school, but you should be able to do any bookwork and other such learning from home, on your own. This can make it easier to study and may also reduce the time you spend commuting to and from those classes. Always check to ensure that at least some of the coursework will include distance education, for maximum convenience.


Check the facilities and equipment in the beauty school to ensure that everything is clean, organized, and welcoming. If the facility looks crowded and rundown, this can mean that the school isn't investing in modern equipment that you'll be using in real-life scenarios, and your education could be lacking by the time the course is over. You also don't want to be overly crowded with other students in the facility, so note if the classroom space seems roomy and able to accommodate everyone easily. This will also ensure that the school is not trying to crowd too many people into one room, so that you miss something shared by the instructor.

Continuing education

Continuing education classes can give you updated tips and techniques that you might need for advancing your career; you may qualify for a discount for these classes from the beauty school you choose, and this can save you quite a bit of money on those courses over the years. These classes might come with a certificate or other accreditation that can enhance your resume or be used to encourage customers to try different services. This might include massage, wellness tips, holistic therapy and other such courses. Look for these continuing education classes offered by a beauty school so you know you can always come back for advanced education even after getting your initial diploma.